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Console Library

Current Version: v5_ShareMXv1

Active Since: 1.0.0A, latest version on v1.0.8A

Developer: Mihail Mojsoski

Type: I/O and Console

Currently Released Functions:

  • CONSOLE_OUT String (Output STRING text to the console)
  • CONSOLE_PAUSE String/NUL (Pause the console) - Won't work on debugger.
  • CONSOLE_COLOR C_TYPE_COLOR C_TYPE_COLOR (Change the text and background color)
  • CONSOLE_IN C_VARIABLE_NAME (Load text to variable from keyboard) - Won't work on debugger.
  • CONSOLE_TITLE String (Change the title of the console)
  • CONSOLE_SIZE Int Int (Parameter one is Width, Parameter two is Height)
  • CONSOLE_CLEAR NUL (Clear the text of the console)
  • CONSOLE_TIEMOUT Int (Sleep for Int seconds) - Won't work on debugger.

Currently Released Types:

  • C_TYPE_COLOR (Based on Hex, the names are String)
  • C_VARIABLE_NAME (Based on string, starts with $)

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