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Using the var (actually used as a prefix: $) function you can define a code segment.


$variable is "STRING"


If you want to use the variable you have defined you will need to use the %$var% function.

It sends the variable to the function or command without any

modification to the code.

You can also put %$var% inside of a string, for example:

$var1 is "Hello"
$var2 is "World"
$var3 is "%$var1% %$var2%"
Out "%$var3%"

If you run that code using our usual includes with Console, we will get output:

Hello World


If you use the var function with calc parameter you can calculate simple mathematical calculations. (Similar to the usage of $var below v1.0.6A). Usage:

$var calc "%$var%+1"


If you use the var function with add or take parameters you can add or take a number from the variable.

$var add INT
$var take INT

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