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Special Variables

There are some special variables that you can use in your library development or source code modification.

Variable Name Variable Type Explanation                                              Should Modify?
open int Opened and Closed Gates (0 is neutral). NO
sError int Number of Errors. YES
line int Current Line Number (for line jumping). YES
version str Version of the Interpreter. NO
file loc Location and Name of the Opened file. YES
args str The default arguments separated with ";". NO
cnt int Number of lines in the file. NO
first str The first line of the file. NO
main int If there is a main function the location of main. NO
f+Segment int The line of the segment. NO
lasterror str The last error of the file (Critical Errors). YES
pmode str The code mode currently in (ex: code or at). YES
end+mode int The mode's neutral status (for code or at). YES
cmd+function loc The execution file for the function. YES
ext+function str The execution command for the function. YES
lib str Last imported library using the AT command. NO
tmp+num str Temporarily string. YES
sopen str Same as open, but it only is used to show errors. NO
reset bool Goes to the start of the interpreter (Will load %file%). YES
mypath loc The path to the interpreter files. NO
cmd str Current command. NO
ext str The file extension to load when using execute file. NO
endprog bool Stops the interpreter if true. Safely. YES
debug bool If it is true, it will will give the output to debugger. NO


  • str - String (mainly text and characters).
  • int - Number (a non decimal number).
  • loc - Location/File (a file location).
  • bool - A 1 bit, binary number.

Also you can use every batch environmental variable.

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