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Future Plans

This are the plans for future development of MXSPLI.

If you want to us, but you don't know how to program yet, please give us recommendations.

  • Add Segments
  • Add Variables
  • Make SYSTEM_ Library
  • Finish CONSOLE_ Library
  • Make IF main command with variables.
  • Make all the libraries work with variables.
  • Finish FILESYSTEM_ Library
  • Add HTTP library.
  • Add multi language support (for debugger and code editor).
  • Add Web-Installer.
  • Add Code Editor.
  • Add FTP library.
  • Add Debugger.
  • Add short take or add functions, ex: $var add.
  • Add Array type.
  • Make Array Modification Functions.
  • Add Decimal Number Variable type.
  • Add Compiled libraries.
  • Add decimal numbers.
  • Add operations with decimal numbers.
  • A lot more, and we will update this on every release.

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