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FileSystem Library

Current Version: v2_ShareMXv1

Active Since: 1.0.5A, latest version on 1.0.6A 

Developer: Mihail Mojsoski

Type: Files

Currently Released Functions:

  • FILESYSTEM_CHDIR Folder (Move the prompt to another location.)
  • FILESYSTEM_LIST NUL (View a list of all the folders in the current location.)
  • FILESYSTEM_PRINT File (Print a file to the console.)
  • FILESYSTEM_RMDIR Folder (Delete a folder.)
  • FILESYSTEM_RENAME File (Rename a file or folder.)
  • FILESYSTEM_DELETE File (Delete a file.)
  • FILESYSTEM_COPY File Folder (Copy a file to a new location.)
  • FILESYSTEM_MOVE File Folder (Move a  file to a new location.)
  • FILESYSYEM_WRITE Variable File (Write a variable to a file.) 

Currently Released Types:

  • File
  • Folder

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